The Best Small and Cheap Ceiling Fans

The Best Small and Cheap Ceiling Fans
Buying Guide

It is a challenge both for homemakers and DYI handymen to get a decent breeze in the house, especially in close, small rooms such as a toddler’s bedroom, a bathroom or a small balcony. The easiest way is to get an AC, but this is rarely cost-effective in terms of the purchase and maintenance price.

Ceiling fans are your best bet to keep small rooms cool. Besides, with them you will not have to worry about the space they occupy or your kids getting their fingers in the dangerous revolving blades.

If you are looking for functionality, ceiling fans come with next-to-silent motor performance for perfect rest and relaxation; multiple speeds from low, medium to high, perfect for the fussiest relatives, kids or guests; and finally, parts and pieces designed for trouble-free assembly.

Ceiling fans not only work great with getting some air circulation but they also come with amazing features to satisfy the designer in you. Select from a wonderful array of fans with multiple options, anything from lights to remote controls to beating the moisture and dust.

Some even come in multiple designs with two colors in one blade, for example. Simply just turn the blade and you can change the color from white to black or from plain dark ebony to marble-like swirls in the other. Since there are so many materials in the market, they can also be fitted with any room in the house.

You can choose from blades with wood, zinc, stainless steel or nickel. Or you can choose from a selection of classic, children, contemporary or rustic overall looks, perfect for any type of room or even the porch!

When you consider the price and functionality of ceiling fans you may not go back to using ACs again, ever. Combine nearly seamless function and your budget with a summer and winter-worthy list of the best small and cheap ceiling fans in the market.

The good news is that we have got some exciting finds right here for you!

Should I a regular ceiling fan or one with a remote?

First of, let’s explore some aspects of ceiling fans. Ceiling fans come in a variety of prices, but unfortunately there is no hard, fast rule on which to choose when it comes to those with remotes or not.

Generally speaking, those with remotes are priced higher than those that do not have remotes included, and you are likely to need to buy a universal remote at some point if your remote breaks.

The main reason why you should invest in a ceiling fan with a remote control is that you cannot depend on the pull chain forever. Most pull chains are, as a rule, designed to last until the ceiling fan gives up, but not all chains are made so sturdy.

The other reason is that, depending on your expertise, it can be a headache to manually program the universal remote control, wall control or a dimmer into the wiring of your ceiling fan.

If you are no handyman (or woman), it may be better to just purchase the entire set with a remote control where the programming is done prior, never mind the slightly higher price tag.

The main rebuttal for this argument is if you are running the ceiling fan non-stop, there is little need for a remote control. Of course, you can also always hire a professional to wire up anything that needs wiring.

Whatever type of ceiling fan should you choose, you can first take a look at this non-exhaustive list of products that have remote controls:

  1. TroposAir ModernAire Flush-Mount Hugger Ceiling Fan in Oil Rubbed Bronze with 52″ Walnut/Cherry Blades with Light and Remote
  2. Minka-Aire F843-DK, Wave Distressed Koa 52-Inch Ceiling Fan with Remote Control
  3. Cocoweb 52″ Croatan Ceiling Fan with Remote Control and Reversible Fan Blades
  4. HUNTER 52″ HR 22550 Ceiling Fan with Light & Remote, Basque Black Finish
  5. Southwind 52in. Brushed Nickel Ceiling Fan, Five Reversible Blades, Cherry/maple, with Remote Control

These fans all have remote controls as part of the set. Their prices are quite high, but they are worth a look. You can read over some of the basic functions these fans have in another article: Best ceiling fans with remotes.

What to expect and look out for in Outdoor Ceiling fans with remotes and lights

If ceiling fans with remote controls are hard to find at cheap prices, then just imagine how hard it is to find those with remotes and lights as well as being weather-worthy AND reasonably priced. Most fans that tick all these boxes are expensive, and can cost from $300 to $1000.

I don’t know about you but I’d rather not buy a fan if I have to pay $1000 for it. A good thing is that we have already gathered enough research to give you at least five choices for this elite category of ceiling fans. Please see the separate article titled Best Outdoor Ceiling Fans with Remotes and Lights for more information.

Generally speaking, ceiling fans have lights, but many models only offer poor lighting caused by a decorative light casing, low watt bulbs, or both. Therefore, if you are planning to buy a fan with enough watts to light up the entire room like an operating table, then you will have to shell out at least $300.

By the way, be careful if you should like to replace the bulbs in the set for something stronger. There are reports of wirings being short circuited because the bulb with a bigger wattage was threaded into a casing that could not support it.

To check that outdoor ceiling fans are weather-worthy, always look for a certification of at least an ETL , CE or UL. ETL stands for Electrical Testing Laboratory, an organization that is part of the Sweden-based Intertek Group that specializes in testing the safety of electrical products or appliances.

Nowadays, the CE mark is often used instead of ETL, but the latter may still be in effect. UL is an America-based company that provides certification in relation to products being checked for safety.

If the manufacturer claims the product is damp resistant, always check and look for the ETL or UL marks to make sure it has passed the safety testing.

Best Ceiling Fans on Sale

Ceiling fans are great appliances. They make for great savings in terms of the electric bill, since they use from 40 to 60% less energy than the more wasteful ACs. They do not take up any of your living space (that is, if you do not consider the ceiling as your living space) and they can vamp up the room’s interior design and they are low maintenance once you get them installed right.

All this knowledge is useless if the ceiling fan is not suitable for the needs you have in mind. This is why you may want to amp it up on the maximum performance of your potential ceiling fans by doing a background check on your own. Some fans may not be suitable for particular rooms or environment, for example.

What you should keep in mind before buying a ceiling fan:

  • The dimensions of your room or location where your ceiling fan will be installed will determine the size of your ceiling blades as well as the capacity of your fan motor. Here is a guide for your room: typically a room around 75 square feet will require a 30 to 35 inch ceiling fan blade, rooms that are 76 to 145 square feet will need 36 to 45 inch fan blades, rooms larger up to 224 square feet will need blades around 46 to 50 inches and rooms more than that will require the highest lengths of the blades in the market today (up to 54 inches).
  • The environment of the room itself will indicate the style and material of the ceiling fan. This corresponds also to the decorative aspects of both the fan and the room. For example, for a room with wooden furniture, you may try wood-accented blade designs, or if you are going for a tropical feel, you may want to purchase those with palm-leaf blades.
  • The budget you have, which needs no explanation, will also affect the fans you will buy.

By now, you may have realized that you shouldn’t rush into buying a ceiling fan without considering all your requirements. With this in mind, let this be the last article before you proceed to our individual product review about ceiling fans recommended for you.

Great Ceiling Fans On a Budget

Just Because it’s cheap, it doesn’t mean it doesn’t work well

If you have been reading since the start of this topic, congratulations for the extensive knowledge you have acquired! Here is a list of the some of the ceiling fans highly recommended for you that combine beauty and functionality.

Hampton Bay Hugger 52 inches, brushed nickel ceiling fan by Hampton Bay

This Hampton Bay product has a beautiful design, taking advantage of the contrasting metal work and the wooden blades, and is also good for giving the most airflow for rooms with small measurements. This model runs on a silent motor and will last a long time. Furthermore, the $50 has been slashed off the original price (including shipping fees).


  • Four reversible blades with walnut and maple coating on both sides
  • Frosted globe casing for light bulbs (not part of the set)
  • Quiet motor
  • Great for rooms with low ceilings
  • Dimensions: 52 x 52 x 11.8 inches
  • Pull chains for three speeds
  • With wall controls
  • Free shipping within the USA and in some parts of the world


This hugger model is from Hampton Bay is equipped to give the most airflow in a small room with four reversible blades and a multi-capacitor. At sixteen pounds, it is relatively light, easy to install and has a  quiet motor which many customers appreciate from such a nicely priced ceiling fan. The item can also be adjusted to three speeds (high, medium, and low).

As far as appearances go, the polish nickel metal body and the way that it contrasts with the wooden decoration of the blades sets it apart as a classy fan. The relatively cheap price at $49 is also a nice touch for most customers, as well as the option to ship the product free anywhere in America and some other countries.


Some problems have occasionally been encountered by customers, most of which are related to defective parts or the motor. The most significant problem seems to have stemmed from motors being noisy at all levels, and that the air flow is not being quite as effective as some customers would like.

It may be that this complaint was just due to personal taste because the reviewer who mentioned this part did not say a lot about how the fan was used or the actual measurements of the airflow.

Other problems may be due to personal preferences such as the preference to get better lighting. The product clearly mentions the low wattage but some may have had higher expectations.

Unfortunately, there is also no remote control with this product (there is a wall control, however). Because of the relatively cheap cost, the customer may have to shell out some extra change for the shipping of defective parts for replacement.


A good buy, grab for it before the stock run out.

Hunter 53091 Builder Deluxe 5-Blade Single Light Ceiling Fan with Brazilian Cherry/Stained Oak Blades and Piped Toffee Glass Light Bowl, 52-Inch, New Bronze

This ceiling fan exudes is a classic quality, balancing beauty that is ageless with technology that is current and upbeat. This product is made by Hunter, which is one of the manufacturers who have a long history of making durable appliances such as this one.

The product is bronzed, and promises wind power of up to 5000 CFM with reduced power usage of up to 40 percent. The motor is also quiet, and the product comes with a lifetime warranty. The set also includes 60 watt bulbs. The blades are also reversible with two designs: Brazilian Cherry and Stained Oak.


  • Two 60-watt bulbs
  • Two pull chains
  • WhisperWind motor
  • Great for use in 400-square-feet rooms
  • Set also includes: one 3-inch downrod, cloudy light globe, manual and easy assembling parts
  • Weight: 20 pounds
  • Discounted at $101.70 from the previous price of $144
  • Lifetime warranty on the motor, with a 30-day return policy on Amazon
  • Free shipping within the USA and in some areas of the world


The product has a classic bronze finish, and would go well in the living room or bedroom. You have the option to either use the Cherry or Stained Oak side of the blades for additional decoration. The frosty glass globe complements the whole thing, especially the brown blades.

The Hunter logo can be clearly seen on the side as a clear indication of the company’s credibility as one of the leading companies.

Durability-wise, the fan type has been known to last at least 38 years of heavy usage. As a rule, the model is generally silent during operation, even when blasted on the fastest speed. As for the bulbs, which can be a bit dim, you may be able to replace them with LED or incandescent ones.

Check the limiter if the bulbs do not light up. Assembly may require a professional if you’re not sure how to do it yourself.

A balancing kit may help with some problems in the wobbling.


Some customers have complained about the difficulty in putting everything together, citing a lack of good quality screws. Others have had mounting it on the ceiling. There are also sometimes defects that result in loud motor noises when the fan is turned on.

Other customers have had issues attaching fixtures, while others still have had problems with the fan rocking after pulling the chain. Pull chains, may also get stuck or quit working altogether. Still some fans of this model stopped working even after only one year of use.


A great product for its appearance and function. Take advantage of Hunter’s lifetime warranty if it comes to that.

Westinghouse 7801665 Comet Two-Light 52-Inch Reversible Five-Blade Indoor Ceiling Fan, Matte Black with Frosted Glass

The two previous models we looked at before were of classical beauty. This model from Westinghouse is something different. At first glance, it is definitely a contrast, with its smooth lines and monochromatic color.

The Comet model works well with current fashion trends, complementing a room that’s not too big or full of furniture.

Like the first two types, it is an indoor ceiling fan, working quietly in the background with five blades which have a different color on either side, a light cylindrical casing and a motor that contains a reversible feature so that the blades can be able to run counterclockwise during winters to ward off cold breezes.

In addition, you may be able to enjoy discounts and a lifetime warranty on the fan motor. Everything, in turn can be delivered as a gift to all of America and to some areas of the world.


  • Best for rooms up to 300 square feet
  • Blades are 52 inches in length, with two designs: matte black and marble blue and black
  • Weight: 19 pounds
  • Measurement: 24.8 x 12.9 x 8.7 inches
  • Approximately 13 inches in height
  • Motors with three speeds and one reversible option for all weather conditions
  • 2 pull chains
  • Wind power: 5000 CFM
  • The box also includes: one 4 inch rod, white-colored foggy light fixture, one lead wire (78 inches), 2 bulbs, candelabra-based
  • Hardwired power source
  • Mounting style is either Angled or Standard
  • No remote control, but is compatible with Westinghouse branded remotes and other related devices
  • Lifetime warranty in the motor
  • At least a 30 percent discount (total price as a result is $95)
  • Twenty-four hour delivery to the States and to some areas of the world.


The ceiling has a look that says modern and low-maintenance design. The fan will go well with a black and gray colors with some contrasting yellows, reds or pinks in between. This may also be the most practical fan for you.

Ease of installment is the icing on the cake and since the ceiling fan is small and light on the weight, there should be no problem with the assembly. You may choose to hire a professional handyman, just to make sure you don’t break anything or misalign a part or two. If you want to purchase a wall control or a remote, do so before assembling the whole thing.

There are generally no loud noises from the motors or from incorrectly put up fan blades. The fan does not wobble on high speeds. The overall look of the fan is attractive. This alluring design is what customers appreciate at first glance.

You can also change the overall look by using the other side of the blades. You may want to opt for not using the rod for installment, and just go flush mount. This was how one of the problems with the loud hum was resolved.

The enclosed bulbs may be substituted with bulbs of the same wattage to prevent any problems in the future. The fan has a lifetime warranty on the motor and replacement for parts and pieces may be done as long as the receipt is present is delivered to the branch company.

This will hold true with defectiveness.


Defects may also be present on this product. Loud humming, incorrect balancing, lack of screws, poor wind power and other problems were encountered. Some of these issues can be resolved quickly with the do-it-yourself balance kit which comes with the purchase.

The screws may just be needed to be tightened. Lighting may also be a concern for some, since the bulbs and the casing may not be able to provide a strong light for illumination. Not many people have raised a big fuss about this problem. Assembly was also difficult for some.


Strong, stylish and with a reasonable price, this product is a good buy. If you need to, you can call a professional to put this fan together.

Hunter Fan 59135 Key Biscayne 54″ Weathered Zinc Ceiling Fan with Five Burnished Gray Pine/Gray Pine Reversible Blades

The ceiling fan model is from the company produces some of the other models already reviewed. This fan will suit being placed outside or in a rustic environment. The motor is manufactured to be resistant to dampness and moisture, and will function effectively in partially covered places and areas such as patios and porches.

The WhisperWind feature and the two-designs-in-one blades add to the fan’s functionality. The fan may also be sent as a present abroad.


  • Ideal for rooms up to 500 sq ft
  • Weight: 31 pounds
  • Set inside: one 3-inch rod, two 14-watt bulbs, a light canopy that resembles a lamp
  • WhisperWind and reversible function motor
  • Can be mounted in three ways (angled, standard and flush)
  • Moisture and damp-proof with ETL certification
  • Stainless steel body, glass and plastic material for the blades and other things
  • Hardwired power source
  • Wind power: 6239 CFM
  • Discounted price: $189, saving you $20
  • Delivery is cost-free within the States and in some parts of the world
  • Lifetime warranty on the fan motor


This ceiling fan is well-suited to an outdoors-themed room. Complete the whole look by putting in some antiquated furnishing or some distressed furniture with wood tones.

The blades are blasted and designed with gray zinc colors, which is perfect for the whole outdoorsy look. This appearance can be changed by turning the blades to the other side. You may opt to use longer or shorter rods as you see fit and as your ceiling measurements dictate.

A small warning for some novices on the installment: The ETL mark does not mean that the ceiling fan will still work well after being doused with water. The ETL mark refers to the resistance to dampness and moisture. Please keep the product away from running or splattering water from rain, ceiling leaks or other things.

Assembly may be easier if all of the instructions in the manual are being followed thoroughly.

The motor does, as a rule, work very quietly, and the breezes produced are very cool. As an added bonus, the blades are treated with anti-static features to keep the dust off the surface.


The weight of the whole set may be a problem for some customers, so it is worth mentioning that the rod should be adequately anchored into the ceiling for the proper hanging of the ceiling fan.

There is no remote control with the product; however, you may be able to purchase one. Also, be careful when you insert the blades. The manual should be read fully and looked over for perfect assembly.

Durability-wise, it’s impossible to say how long the product will last as it was only recently released (a little more than one year ago).


A great find, even with the slightly high price tag. This will be a great fan if you’re looking for a native look and for adequate functioning.

All in all, this product is a good buy, even if it is a little expensive when compared to the other Hunter model reviewed here. Invest in this model for its good performance and rustic presentation.

Westinghouse 7876400 Alloy Two-Light 42-Inch Reversible Three-Blade Indoor Ceiling Fan, Gun Metal with Opal Frosted Glass

This is probably the last and the least heavy ceiling fan that we have reviewed. The actual weight is around eleven pounds, so it is very well-suited to a small room. The size does not impair its function however, and a ceiling fan can help with you slashing off some dollars in your electricity bill.


  • Weight is just 11.5 pounds (very light)
  • Dimensions: 18.5 x 11 x 9.5 inches
  • Three 42 inch fan blades
  • Hardwired power source
  • Wind power: 2,906 CFM (according to Amazon)
  • The box includes: One 4-inch rod,; one 78-inch lead wire; two 40 watt bulbs, CFL type; one motor that has dual capacitor and a silicon or steel body, reversible function and three settings for speed (low, medium and high)
  • The maximum or peak distance for both the ceiling fan and the floor is eight feet.
  • Lifetime warranty on the fan motor
  • Two-year warranty for all the rest of the parts
  • Discounted price of $73
  • One-day shipping or two-day shipping within USA and in some parts of the world


The ceiling fan has a small and pretty design with cute pull chains with pictures on both medallions. The fan in turn is in two colors, and so customers may be able to pick a gunmetal or brushed nickel polished finish. It is the gunmetal design that offers a reversible design: plain black or a dark gray with wooden undertones.

The majority of the reviewers chose the brushed nickel color which is goes well with most household materials such as knobs, shelves among others.

The ceiling fan is small, so it is only ideal for rooms up to 100 sq ft, yet it is enough to cover the space with the optimum 4000 CFM breeze. In turn, not to be outdone, the general assembly is a piece of cake and can be completed within one hour, with three set of wires for a wall control, remote and a dimmer (unfortunately all three are not included in the set and may have to be bought separately).

The motor works silently, the ceiling fan does not wobble, nor does it rock when the pull chains are pulled.


A little reminder for some excited installers here: the ceiling fan was designed to accept and accommodate 40-watt light bulbs. Should this be not followed, accidents such as burned out wiring or short circuited wires may happen as a result.

The set should come in with the 40-watt bulbs, but in case it doesn’t, contact the company right away to replace the erroneous bulbs. If you are looking for a remote control, many customers found that no remote is compatible with this fan. The light will be, as a rule, too dark to be used as a light bulb.

Defective motors may also give off a loud noise upon operation. Contact the company to substitute this piece.


Small and light, this model is more than just effective, it’s also affordable. It’s a best buy.

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