Hampton Bay Hugger 52 inches Brushed Nickel Ceiling Fan

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  • Gorgeous walnut look blades, with nickel coating
  • Frosted light casings
  • 3 Speeds
  • Light
  • Affordable


  • No remote control
  • Can be noisy
  • Not good for large rooms


Beautiful to look at and affordable ceiling fan for small to mid sized rooms

This ceiling fan from Hampton Bay is a beauty, and is designed for providing the maximum amount of air distribution in a room with low ceilings. Quiet and durable, it’s priced at around $50 with free delivery within the USA and on more than twenty-three countries across the globe.


  • Free shipping
  • $10 slashed off the original price
  • Adjustable two-sided blades (one side walnut coating, with maple on the other)
  • Build in fixtures for light bulbs (bulb is sold separately)
  • With multi-capacitor so it’s quiet when turned on
  • Installation ideal for low lying ceilings
  • Total weight of sixteen pounds
  • Measurement: 52 by 52 by 11.8 inches
  • Energy consumption of 120 volts, 60 watts
  • Standard three speeds for operation
  • Chain for turning on the light manually
  • With controls mounted unto the wall


This ceiling fan is a complete set of four blades with a wooden finish, with one side walnut-based and the other maple. The overall height is fifteen inches. As a rule, the whole thing is easy to clean and, because it comes with an easy-to-follow manual, is generally easy to assemble. You may require an expert handyman for the actual mounting, however. Also, in most cases, the product delivers on what the company claims that it will be nearly noiseless when the fan is turned on.

Appearance-wise, the blades look gorgeous. Most customers have no complaints about the way the product looks. The part about the blades being reversible is a novel idea and delightful, especially useful once you get bored looking at the darker tones of the walnut. Just turn the blades to the other side, and presto, you have a new color and design!

The light bulb fixture may be a problem for some, since the product does not include a bulb. However, this can be readily remedied with buying an LED version at a local hardware store. Bear in mind that the casing is frosted, so it will not be able to cast a strong light in the room, so it would be best to use another light source.

The fan also delivers what it is supposed to do with three speeds. Generally, fast is fast and medium is medium. However, it is not to say about personal preferences.

The nickel coating and material is also a nice touch, giving it a classy feel, without being too flashy. That being said, the metal generally does not suffer discoloration at room temperatures, so you won’t have any problems with cleaning it or dealing with rust and the green stuff around metals.

Have I forgotten to mention that it is also not heavy (just in case you may want to do the installation by yourself)?

As for the price, you cannot go wrong with $49 approximately, ten dollars off from the original price. Many customers are delighted at the fact when other people mistook it for a much more expensive item.

In addition, Amazon features free and prompt delivery with this product, on more than 20 different countries such as Malta, Kenya, Australia, Philippines, Kazakhstan, Canada, Costa Rica, Chile, Denmark, Czech Republic, among others.


So far, there has been no mention in the reviews about the actual lifespan (in regards to being durable) of the fan itself. As for the warranty, you may have to contact Hampton Bay for their take on this one.

By the way, should you have ship it back for repairs or whatnot, bear in mind that you may have to pay extra charges because of its low cost. The main Hampton website also does not offer much information about the product’s features in case you have any problems with its functionality.

Another downside is that the fan does not have a remote control.

Features-wise, the most common complaints are with some items being noisy when they are turned on, even on a low speed. Some customers reported that the noise goes away after a while, but not in all cases. A good idea would be to get someone professional to assemble and mount the whole thing, so as not to void your warranty with this product.

Another difficulty that crops up is the speed aspect. Probably due to personal preferences, some people do not consider the speeds fast enough for their liking.

Finally, remember that the fan is designed for small rooms (with twenty by twenty measurements), so please do not purchase this if you have a thirty feet high ceiling. Otherwise, it will not work so effectively but will still look great as a decoration. Very few people have ceilings this high anyway, so for most people this fan will be fine.

In addition, owing to the price, it may not be long before all the stock run out. Hurry and buy before that happens!


This is a great buy if you are aiming to bring in some much-needed breeze inside your room and add a little glamour without breaking the bank.

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