Hunter Builder Deluxe 5-Blade Single Light Ceiling Fan

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/5 on May 5, 2016

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662 reviews


  • Beautiful looks
  • Long lasting craftmanship
  • Quiet


  • Not so easy to install
  • May not lie flush
  • Lighting is (intentionally) cloudy


A quality fan backed by a lifetime warranty, what more do you need?

This classic style ceiling fan achieves a perfect balance between timeless beauty and state-of-the-art-technology. The fan is brought to you by Hunter, one of the leading companies that provides the American household with long-lasting appliances.

This bronzed model promises to deliver great airflow at a maximum of five thousand cubic feet, less energy consumption and peaceful silent operation, not to mention a lifetime warranty and the inclusion of light bulbs, each at sixty watts.

Plus, you can select from two built-in blade designs of either Brazilian Cherry (gorgeous brown red) or Stained Oak finishes. If that is not enough, you can also enjoy a discount at check-out.


  • WhisperWind machine
  • 2 pull chains
  • Designed for use in rooms of up to four hundred sq. feet
  • 3 inch down rod
  • 2 60 watts light bulbs, incandescent
  • Blades with reversible design (one side Brazilian Cherry, the other Stained Oak) and reversible airflow
  • Frosted light casing
  • Easy-to-assemble materials and pieces
  • Total weight: 20 lbs or around 10 kg
  • Measurement of 13.1 by 25.2 by 9.1 inch
  • Power: 120 volts, 64 watts
  • Source of power: hard-wired
  • Mounting: flush type
  • Promo Price of $101.70, from the original $144
  • Free shipping worldwide (please check for list of available countries)
  • Lifetime warranty, one year of free replacement of parts (excluding the motor, bulbs and the light globe)
  • 30 day return policy on Amazon


At first look, this model is a classic bronze beauty, perfect for the living room or bedroom yet very versatile because of the option of using two shades of either reddish Cherry or brownish Stained Oak. Even the brownish cream-colored frosted glass casing is a nice touch that complements the color of the blades.

To top it off, the iconic Hunter logo on the side exudes master craftsmanship and durability. Since Hunter has been around for more than a hundred and twenty years, it definitely knows how to make and design appliances of this type.

The longest time that this fan lasted was 38 years (that is based on roughly nonstop usage). The fans on an average work for twenty or so years before requiring actual repair and replacement of parts. Generally speaking, this ceiling fan does not give off noisy operations, even when turned on high.

The enclosed bulbs are incandescent, and so give off dim light, but this can be corrected with replacement in the form of LED or CFL types. Take note that you may have to replace the limiter on this fan should you encounter problems with the new bulbs not working.

Assembly is also relatively easy, but may require professional help for some.

For any wobbling tendencies especially during high speeds, the item is also provided with a balance kit.


Most of the criticisms are related to the installation process. “Easy assembly” may not be applicable to all, especially for the technically challenged. There was one user who complained about the screws provided being not up to par, even with an electric drill or a plain screw driver. Wood screws were used instead.

The flush mounting feature was another of the issues. Many customers cited difficulties attaching it to the ceiling (the rod was too flimsy for some of the customers). This problem can be resolved by using a safety brace, which utilizes holes at least four inches across and a box to support the whole thing as well as the electrical wiring.

Apparently, even the Hunter brand is not susceptible to factory defects. Some products have noisy rotator motors or bearings, with flaws in the design that result in unbalanced light fixtures and even minor wobbling that happen even after repair.

Still others have had pull chains that snag or do not work at all. Its durability is not always reliable. One customer experienced only one year of good use before the fan went kaput. Either the light bulbs or the motor of the blades died out prematurely. Yet another complained about how poorly the air current coming from the fan was.

The rest of the complaints were geared toward poor lighting itself, but since the product’s features do mention the cloudy light fixture, this may be more on personal preference than actual problems with the product itself.


This product is still a great buy for most, considering the reputation of Hunter. As a whole, it works and looks great. The nice thing with this product is that, even if it doesn’t, you can fall back on the lifetime warranty.

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